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TSA (The Second Act)

As seasoned members of this great church, who have been blessed by God to have entered The Second Act (TSA) of our lives; we willingly and joyfully yield our hearts, lives, strength, wisdom and spiritual gifts to serve as senior-age Levites to the Bishop and Elect Lady the head of this ...

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Elect Lady's Corner

Missed Opportunities

Are there situations in life that you wish you would have taken the opportunity to show kindness to someone? You had the opportunity to do so but you missed it. Those are missed opportunities. Miss is defined as: "to fail to hit or land on (something aimed at); to overlook; let ...

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Jesus Is Still Asking: “Whom Do Ye Say That I Am?”

With all the signs, wonders and miracles Jesus was performing, this should have been evident of who He was. Yet, He still asked the question to his disciples: "Whom do men say that I am?" (Mark 8:27)   Isn't this yet the question for the times we are living in? Christ inquired ...

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