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Welcome to Immanuel's Temple Systems of Church, where "God is With Us" and where we have an international vision!  If you're searching for a ministry where people truly love the Lord Jesus Christ and are dedicated to reaching the world with the good news of His salvation and redemption, then you ...

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Weekly Bread

2 Samuel 5:12

And David perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for his people Israel's sake.

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If you would like to partner with us, or make a donation, please call the office at: 
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Elect Lady's Corner

Give It Back! It Doesn't Belong To You!

One thing we were taught at an early age if you had good home training was: “You don’t take things that don’t belong to you.”  If you did you were told: “Give it back, that doesn’t belong to you!”  On the other hand if someone took something that belonged to you, ...

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I Still Want To Go!

The old, but familiar lyrics of a song, says:  “So many falling by the wayside, Lord help me to stand.  I don’t want to be lost when Jesus comes!”    Are you becoming bewildered and overwhelmed with the darkness of immorality and sin, not just in the world, but in the body ...

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